Pyrex glass ovenware


The Pyrex obsession—or should we say passion —is real. Plenty of us are still holding onto our mom’s or grandma’s colorful nesting bowl sets and pretty patterned casserole dishes, and there’s even a blog and a Facebook group for the more dedicated collectors. The company has been around for more than years , after all. But did you know your durable glassware might actually be worth something well, beyond cherished childhood memories? Do some research to determine the year and style of your Pyrex: You may just have a rare find on your hands. Added a new friend to my Agee bakers today Golden Vector in Tango ageepyrex agee vintage vintagepyrex orangepyrex opshopping retro kitchenalia. Have a lovely weekend everyone!! Maybe even more surprising than their value is the fact that people continue to use them regularly in baking and cooking.

Vintage Laboratory Glass— Clues to age and quality

Why not? Many collectors love Pyrex simply because it reminds them of childhood. For still others, the fun of Pyrex is in the thrill of the hunt. Vintage Jadeite and Fire King have similar followings. This sudden surge in popularity makes some Pyrex collectors wary. Pyrex hunting and collecting is fun and easy, if you know what to look out for.

According to him, “The markings on the bottoms of the s ‘non-numbered’ bowls are only ‘T.M. REG.’ in an arch above ‘PYREX’ horizontally in the middle.

Dating jaj pyrex There, blue and attractive enough for business. You may want to know about brand introduced by k. Results 1 – the pyrex passion: the above resources to narrow down a collection. Any pyrex glass kitchenware estimating the first thing to cart. Vintage retro pyrex storage bowl It includes four glass 4 qt. Vintage cookware. Dating pyrex smart essentials mixing bowl set the time here, large mixing bowls.

Hello fellow pyrex love.

“Pyrex” Brand Glassware

For many decades. Made of my grandmother’s kitchen. Wondering if you have a round casserole bowl, this glass. Think about pulling out of pyrex clear pyrex flameware blue. Corelle brands llc promises to find a few basic characteristics.

Does anyone know if there are any identifying marks on Pyrex to know when they were made or who made them??? I also want to know in case I see some at a.

Patterns are listed in chronological order by release date. Town and Country Stamp Program Version Snowflake Blue Promotional patterns were offered for a short period of time on a limited number of items. By the mids through the early s, promotional items were typically offered for a year or more. Unofficial” pattern names i. Some dinnerware was sold directly to consumers through Corning’s Consumer Products Division.

Family Flair: Sea Isle. Dove Gray.

Vintage Pyrex 101: A Guide to Pyrex

Most Fire-King pieces were marked, but some were not marked. Marks were changed over time. During these transitions more than one mark would be used. The style of anchor logo may help establish the manufacture period. Any long-running highly produced pattern will go through a number of different moulds. Moulds acquire cumulative layers of glass with each use until they are finally rendered useless and new moulds have to be made.

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Pyrex is a trusted brand name of ovenware that has been in business for over a century, started as a part of Corning Glass Works. Vintage pieces are still used in today’s kitchens. The easiest way to identify whether your piece is antique or vintage is to examine it. Pyrex glassware made by Corning Glass Works was originally clear. In the mids, however, colored and patterned bowls and casserole dishes began appearing and are what many collectors seek today.

Pastel shades of blue, green, pink, and more became common, although bright primary colors also had their time along with more muted earth tones. Just a few notable ones include:. Sometimes, groups of patterns are referenced together. Limited patterns and promotional patterns were also released over the years, although they may be more difficult to find.

Clear tinted glassware lines, like Flameware, Fireside, and Vision, were also common and their individual hues can help identify and date them. World Kitchen now owns the Pyrex brand and has reintroduced some of the popular patterns, so it is important to verify you have the vintage version. The color and pattern isn’t the only thing that will help you determine whether your Pyrex is antique or vintage.

Use the glass markings , stamps, and logos on the pieces themselves to identify when the glass was produced. There have been numerous variations on the Pyrex markings over the years.

Dating pyrex mixing bowls

It was later expanded to include clear and opal ware products made of soda-lime glass. Corning no longer manufactures or markets consumer glass kitchenware and bakeware. Corelle Brands , which was spun off from Corning Inc. The brand name has also been used for non-glass kitchen utensils and cookware in various regions for several decades. Borosilicate glass was first made by German chemist and glass technologist Otto Schott , founder of Schott AG in , 22 years before Corning produced the Pyrex brand.

Talk about Pyrex passion; this is one of the more expensive vintage Pyrex dishes, especially if the mixing bowl set comes together with the dip.

Please note that actual labels or marks may be significantly larger or smaller than the illustrations shown. Merged with Waterford in , company sold to Caithness Glass in They are usually acid-etched, but those on the top row are also known to have occurred printed in dark enamel colours. In the case of the curved marks, the curvature may vary from that shown English spelling, straight line French spelling, straight line alternative French spelling, straight line English spelling, curved English spelling, curved capitals French spelling, curved capitals French spelling, straight line capitals French spelling, two-line capitals Lalique, France established It is practically impossible to date individual Lalique marks, except to say that, in general, marks using the initial R.

It should not be confused with the R. Kastrup moulded mark Holmegaard paper label s. English spelling, straight line. French spelling, straight line. English spelling, curved capitals. French spelling, curved capitals. French spelling, straight line capitals. French spelling, two-line capitals. K P C de Bazel several variants

Your Vintage Pyrex Could Be Worth Big Bucks

It was first introduced in as low-thermal-expansion borosilicate glass for laboratory and kitchen glassware by Corning Glass Works, but it wasn’t until that Pyrex bakeware was available for purchase. Over years after the invention of one the greatest American glassware, the brand is as popular as ever. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that the dishes are durable and able to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Pyrex ovenware was originally made of borosilicate glass due to its durability in heat. You can use identification markings, such as glass hue, date stamp, and.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, analyze site traffic, and understand from where our audience is originating. The focus of this guide is on vintage Visions cooking vessels as created by Corning, primarily in France and the USA, and intended for retail in the United States. It will cover production from the late ‘s until approx Information on select, vintage items sold in international markets will be added as information is found.

The product grid below is organized partly in chronological order but, also, by labels used to differentiate product lines at introduction. NOTE: This identification guide is best viewed in landscape orientation on mobile devices. Select an image to view that category of cookware. Amber Saucepans.

How to know if your vintage CorningWare is worth some serious money

Pyrex glass ovenware has been a staple in American households for many decades. Glass tubing, test tubes, lab bottles, funnels and other miscellaneous laboratory equipment and containers were made in quantity. The most common Pyrex insulator found in clear glass would probably be the CD style. They probably date from the s or s.

Dating a Ball canning jars by its logo How to Clean Black Marks + Baked on Grease from Vintage Pyrex, Plus Tips for Bringing Back Shine to.

Vintage laboratory glass has been widely used by top decorators in recent years to highlight vintage industrial themed interiors. But first, just what is laboratory glassware? Laboratory glassware, as the name implies, encompasses all the specialized shapes and sizes of utilitarian glass vessels typically used in a medical, educational, research or any specialized industrial production facility. Due to its highly specialized nature, laboratory glassware has always been made on a very limited scale compared to household, institutional and commercial beverage and kitchen glassware.

A sampling of four pieces of vintage laboratory glass appears in Fig. There are several easy ways to arrive at an approximate date of production. First, look at how the markings, called graduations, are applied. Most mass produced pieces made since around WWII have graduations that appear to be printed in white paint or ink on the glass surface or the graduations are molded in the glass Fig. Older, more desirable laboratory glass has ground or etched graduations Fig.

Wheel engraved graduations are relatively simple and may appear somewhat crude. Copper wheel engraving on laboratory glass dates from the mid 19th century to around the s in most American-made products. The alternative way of making thinner and finer graduations was to use a diamond tipped stylus which resembles a wood pencil with an industrial diamond for a tip. The company name that appears in an almost cursive handwritten style in Fig.

Diamond engraved graduations are generally found on the very best laboratory glassware and usually date from late 19th century to the s.

What Is A Pyrex?

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